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PinocchiObama Drones On

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

I won’t be watching the State of the Union address tonight. I’ve heard enough lies from this guy.  Remember the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?  Remember how Obama lied about getting out of them once he was in office? That was in 2007. After he was elected in 2008, he enthusiastically continued the failed Bush-Iraq war policies and doubled down on the Afghanistan war.

He continues to lie about his  “ending the war in Iraq.”  I’ve heard that song so many times, I can dance to it. The documented truth is he BEGGED Iraq to let us stay with thousands of combat troops.  Iraq said “no” so today we have over 50,000 CONTRACTORS in the country and a plethora of military weapons.

Obama lies so much about the sand castle called Afghanistan, few believe his horseshit anymore.  Bringing home 34, 000 troops from the Mideast? Good – it should have been done over 6,000 American deaths ago.  And we should conveniently forget the thousands of civilians we’ve killed with airstrikes and drones. For nothing.

Remember his lies about “no military options” in Libya? Oops.

“No military aid to Syrian rebels”? Oops. Oops.

Choosing the hard Islamic-Morsi side in Egypt along with Al-Queda?  Oops. Oops.  Oops.

When it comes to our interventionist foreign policy, Americans develop a severe case of Alzheimers disease.  It’s probably necessary.  If they thought too much about the Military-Industrial-Banking complex that really runs the country, they’d get sick.