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Human Trash Cannot Be Recycled

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

It’s important that I write this now before a suspect is named or pictured in the media. My opinion is for ANY murderer that’s proven guilty in this case.

A few days ago, Rochester Police found the body of Edline Chun, 73, at the bottom of a ravine.  She was an adjunct professor at Rochester Institute of Technology and authorities believe she was shot to death in an apparent car robbery attempt.  They suspect she had no relationship to her killer.

By all accounts, Ms. Chun was a valuable member of our community who volunteered for many organizations – and had a kind, gentle, and caring spirit.

My opinion has nothing to do with race, class, student-or-not, gun-control, nor age. Simply, there are members of this society who are human trash and must be disposed of because they are threats to all of us who share the basic values of humanity. Charles Manson immediately comes to mind. I don’t believe in capital punishment for many reasons – but I strongly believe in the sentence of ‘life without the possibility of parole.’  Many would say that is a far worse fate.

IF the police’s suspect is found guilty in a court of law, I would not be moved by wailing relatives, plea deals, or calls for our society to be “civilized.” In most instances, our society IS civilized, our justice IS tempered by mercy, but in extreme cases like I assume this is, the animals must be kept in cages forever.

His Patients Are Under The Bed

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

Vet visit? WHAT vet visit!?

Do you need a great Veterinarian? In Rochester, NY,  Dr. Paul Zimber is the very best.  He’s kind and gentle but firmly in charge of all the  fur-faces he examines.  His prices are reasonable and his staff is excellent; the “newest” assistant has been there over 5-years!  I don’t know if he’s accepting new patients but you can check on the link below.  Tell him I sent you and you might get an extra pet (probably not.)


He’s Painted Us Into Enough Corners

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

Bush is still on his toes.

Who knew George W. Bush took up painting after his presidency? I’m not an art critic but a few say he’s not bad.

Like many beginning painters, Bush started with nudes.  Strangely, the model for his first nude was himself – in the bathtub.  Hey – it beats the hell out of all those damn sad clowns, Elvis on velours, and clouds-by-number pictures.