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Just A Boober

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Thrill Killing Is Fun

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Note Deadline.

It’s almost time for the annual squirrel slaughter in Holley, N.Y. The contest awards cash and gun prizes for the largest squirrel killed that day. The shoot invites children under the age of fourteen to shoot and kill the critters.

I think the whole idea is disgusting – but I have a problem with my own thinking. I’ve known hunters all my life and they’re good people.  I just have a hard time reconciling these decent, civilized folks and the idea they love to blow away animals. And I hate it when they lie about the reasons they hunt.

“I hunt to put meat on my family’s table.” Oh, horseshit. You make it sound like you need to hunt to survive. When you add up the price of guns, ammo, licenses, registration, hunting clothes, gas, days off from work, and the rest of it – it turns out game is one of the most expensive meats there is.

“I help keep down the herd population.” What a friggin’ conservationist! Right.

Here’s the real reason: it’s fun to hunt and kill a living thing.  Killing gives killers an adrenaline high and a sense of macho power when they drop their prey. Studies have shown there’s usually a little sexual rush too. Plus religions quote the Bible saying God put animals on earth for our use – so what the heck – let’s have some fun.

I believe I can accept hunters as people in the same way religious people can accept gay people: “Love the sinner – hate the sin.”

Not one shot back! What a man!