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Duhhhh …

Sunday, January 27th, 2013

I put up this photo on my FaceBook page today. The model (me) was getting pissed.  I couldn’t even frame the shot much less focus it. After I put it up, my friend Steve wrote, “Is that a Cool-Pix? You’re supposed to aim it AT you.”

Oh, so that’s how the kids get those well-focused shots! (I thought it was done with smoke and mirrors.)  I’ve had the camera for over a year but never read the instructions book.  I thought it was nitwit-proof – WRONG.

That’s it.  I’ve shot portraits for over 35-years with a standard, 35-mm SLR (single lens reflex) camera and they usually look pretty good.  But I will never again ask me to be my own subject.

WARNING: 2nd Hand Salt

Sunday, January 27th, 2013

Shake, Baby, Shake

There’s a law in New York City prohibiting the sale of supersized soft drinks. It was passed by a bunch of politicians who know how to live our lives better than we do.  It was preceded by a New York State proposal that, fortunately, did not pass.

A few years back, Assemblyman Felix Ortiz  introduced a bill that would ban “too much” salt in New York restaurants. The shaky hands of violators would be slapped with a $1,000 fine for every salty dish on the menu.

Assemblyman Ortiz is an idiot.

I love salt – I salt ham.  I sometimes fight the deer in the woods for the licks. I’m tempted to salt my cats food.  Do you know that blue and white salt container in the back of one of your kitchen cupboards?  I go through one about every other month – by myself!  And I don’t  want some Brooklyn political hack telling restaurants how much salt to use or give us a lecture on future health care savings in a world without my favorite white crystals.

Felix – don’t like salt?  Order out for some hospital food and shut up.