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No Nit Left Unpicked

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

Is her hair color real? Are those her nails?

Nitpickers irritate me. Often they can’t see the forest for the trees. Worse, many times they ruin a moment for others in their questionable quest for authenticity and minutiae.

Once when I was in college competing in a national speech contest, my presentation was on overpopulation.  I said, “over 40,000 people drop dead every day from starvation and disease.”  It was pretty strong stuff and well documented.  But one mediocre speech coach was underwhelmed.

“Uhhh, Frank,” said Dr. Dull, “people don’t ‘drop dead’ from starvation; they’re probably already lying down and they die slowly.”

WHOOSH. The critically important point seemed to fly over his head as he crawled around in the dirt of details looking for flaws.  The other coaches rolled their eyes and looked embarrassed.  They knew better than to dilute powerfully spoken words with the precise language of a boring research paper.  So did I.

Which gets me to this Beyonce controversy.  I thought the singer’s rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner” was downright inspirational.  So did millions of other Americans. And then the “nit-critters” crawled into our moment saying she lip-synced the song and wasn’t that terrible?  They also could have reminded us Obama was speaking through a tele-prompter and may have worn thermal underwear under his formal suit.

So what? Who gives a shit?

Nitpickers smugly think they know more about everything than than the rest of us.  They usually only know things about which the rest of us don’t care.