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Rear Ends Justify The Means

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Remember the geeky kid in elementary school who would eat bugs, worms, and anything else to gross people out? That kid grew up to be a militant anti-smoking screamer (ASS.) He and his fellow fanatics will do just about ANYTHING to keep you from smoking cigarettes. One of their tools is the graphic-gross-out television commercial.

The Centers for Disease Control and New York Quits have shown us rotting lungs, clogged arteries, throat stomas, amputated limbs, toothless mouths, and the dying gasps of a man with emphysema. They’ve done everything except put up a dead body – oh wait – they did that too! The clear implication is all these diseased people and putrid parts are from smoking-related illnesses.

Smoking MAY be the cause of these corroded conditions; it probably was at least a contributing factor. But science doesn’t know for certain what causes which disease in each person. One of my best friends was a militant anti-smoker who never smoked a cigarette nor would let anyone smoke in his house. Three years ago he died of lung cancer.

I don’t smoke cigarettes. Neither do 4 out of 5 Americans. I think anti-smoking campaigns are fine in schools – but why do all of us have to spend tax dollars to watch the vivid, dying remains of some poor dolt who made lousy choices?


America, Sheriff Of The World

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

“Protecting Countries Against Themselves
For Over A Century”

Korea, Puerto Rico, Iran, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Lebanon, Cuba, Panama, Laos, Vietnam, Chile, Oman, Cambodia, Angola, El Salvador, Grenada, Egypt, Honduras, Philippines, Panama, Indonesia, Liberia, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Macedonia, Columbia, Haiti, Somalia, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, (a partial list)