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Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

I was looking online for phTest strips (acid/alkaline body levels) for a new book I’m reading. When I saw them at Walmarts, the box above appeared on my screen.

OK you guys – why would Walmart think I need drug testing kits? WTF! Who’s blabbing out there?  Facial hair removal?  And the last time I heard, “Roll over to learn more” was from my camp counselor when I was 12.  Jeeez …

Keep Your Eye On The Tax Dollar

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

Whew! Congress was able to slug out a last-second agreement which extends a higher income tax break to most of us. Had they not agreed to this fiscal cliff rescue, the average taxpayer would have had to shell out about $1000 more in income tax in 2013.

BUT … 3 out of 4 middle income families will pay an ADDITIONAL 2% SOCIAL SECURITY tax automatically. This also works out to about $1000 – or about $20/week which will come out of your paycheck.

Net tax INCREASE for most Americans over last year? About $20/week – every single week (until they’re raised again.)

Uh, didn’t Obama promise NO tax increases for the middle class?  That’s OK – he also promised to cut back on the military but that didn’t quite happen either. There won’t be any cuts to military spending increases for at least 2-months. That’s just enough time for Military-Industrial lobbyists to bribe the new Congress into more spending on the Boulevard of Broken Promises.

“The only guy who wins a shell game is the guy who moves the shells.” paolo.