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Hilly: He Used To Be Such A Nice Guy!

Monday, November 26th, 2012

"Who said these are thugs? They're just my new backup singers!"

Within hours of being hailed as a leading peacemaker in the shaky truce between Israel and Hamas, President Mohamed Morsi went back to Egypt and grabbed as much new power as he could stuff into his little turban.  He decided his rulings would sidestep the courts and free his office of all judicial oversight.  With his strong Muslim Brotherhood background, it was clear Morsi has plans to push Egypt towards more fundamentalist Islamic policy including Sharia law.

The vast majority of moderate Muslims aren’t buying it.  They’ve been rioting, striking, and burning down ‘Brotherhood’ offices since Morsi declared his intent.

What should the US do?  NOTHING – except trade with all sides.  We helped prop up dictator President Hosni Mubarak,  for 30-years – until Egyptians had enough of him.  Then we asked him to “step down” and stopped supporting him.  Our fingers are always in the wind trying to pick winners.

Who the hell is America to influence another country’s internal political affairs?  Oh yeh, that’s right – we have decades of nation-building experience from Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya.  They’ve all been so successful, the rest of the world is just begging for our wise leadership.