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Beat In A Dead Heat

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

Earl Wood

Charles Beasley

As the media continues to analyze Tuesday’s election into the ground, they’re ignoring two important winning candidates: Florida Democrat Earl K. Wood and Alabama Republican Charles Beasley. Wood ran for his 12th term as a Tax Collector in Florida; Beasly ran for the Bibb County Commission in Alabama.

Each easily won his November 6th election but probably won’t take office.  They both died before election day.  Voters knew of their deaths but voted for them anyway.  Some will say this is stupidity – I say it’s just another example of Americans being totally turned off by politics and feeling their votes don’t matter anyway.

I have no answer to this.  But “your vote counts” keeps coming up as a bullshit slogan and more and more Americans are refusing to buy it.