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Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

I have 2 old, fat screen TV’s. This is the Panasonic  in the bedroom which shows an attractive, horizontal line on every station.  It often has a beautiful picture – until it flat-lines into what you see above.  Then if you hit the bottom of it very hard, the picture comes back on – sometimes. When the picture is on, it stays on until you turn off the TV and then try to turn it back on.

Since I never watch TV in bed, it was no big deal – except when I got dressed in the morning and liked the news in the background.

Then I had a great idea (which my green friends will hate.)  Basically, I pounded the picture on and left it on – always.  At night, I muted it and covered it with a large, navy blue towel like you would a bird cage.  This has gone on for weeks now – until today.

Today Wednesday the Cat jumped on the TV and knocked out the picture!

I went to Google and learned it’s an easy repair job to fix.  All I’d have to do is slide out the circuit board and re-solder the circuits they showed – anyone can do it!  Right. The chances of me re-soldering anything are pretty slim.  So now I’ll have to buy one of these new flat-screen TV’s if I want to watch  Savannah Guthrie watching me dress.

If you can solder, and live near Rochester, New York, you can have a new, old fat screen TV for free.  Just -e- mail at: (Sorry, No Longer Available)

What Did You Name Them, Donald?

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012