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The Wizard Of Oz Was An Introvert

Monday, November 5th, 2012

Do you know someone who loves to spend time alone? Someone who’s not looking for a day-to-day relationship? Someone who doesn’t need to sleep next to a warm body every night?

Do you feel sorry for this person? Think he’s lonely, overwhelmingly shy, or socially inept? Do you feel a little insulted because he’s missing the wonderfully enriching opportunity of hanging out with you? You may call this person ‘strange’ but a more polite label is ‘introvert’.

I’m an expert on introverts – I am one – and I was born this way. And I speak for most introverts when I say that activities you find ‘normal’ (like chatting on the phone for more than 2-minutes or just “being there”) drive us nuts.

Researchers say true introverts are rare and we really don’t need people like you need people. That certainly doesn’t mean we’re better than anyone else – just different. And we sure didn’t choose this path! Imagine a lifetime of continually swimming upstream against a river of extraverted society – always demanding that we fit in, be sociable, and conform to what’s considered NORMAL in life.

This does not mean introverts can’t act like extraverts. Indeed, a large amount of our successful socialization depends on the learned skills of being “on” in public. I make speeches to audiences and deliver seminars; But when I come home at the end of the day, even my cats know to leave me alone. I need LOTS of time to turn off the world and find refuge in me.

Please don’t take this wrong – but when it comes to introverts, don’t come to us – we’ll come to you – maybe.