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Feigning Indifference

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

Last night a friend accused me of “feigning indifference” in the Presidential election. I finally convinced her I wasn’t “feigning” at all – I really am indifferent.  If the only viable choices are Obama and Romney – and they are – I actually don’t care who wins.  For the United States, it’s pretty much the same ice cream in different flavors.  I don’t even like ice cream.

It would be interesting to see who owns the ice cream machine – but that’s unlikely.  The ice cream machine man doesn’t care if you buy chocolate or vanilla. And you’re not going to ask any questions about him when you’re busy praising the taste sensations of one flavor over the other.

And if your flavor choice really meant anything, he wouldn’t even allow you to choose.

BTW – Although we cannot make legal bets on elections, London bookmakers heavily favor Obama.

Time Of The Month To Vote

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

Last week, CNN reported on an unpublished research study of women’s voting patterns at various stages in their menstrual cycles. One of the theories tested was, when a woman is ovulating, does she feeling “sexier” and therefore more likely to vote liberal? (Is this where we get the term “bleeding heart”?)

The immediate  backlash of angry women quickly convinced CNN it was a stupid story and they took it down within 7-hours. Presumably they first checked with the outraged females to see if their anger was real or caused by PMS.

The strange study was conducted at the University of Texas, San Antonio using 275 women. Incredibly the CNN story was written by a woman, Elizabeth Landau, a reporter based in Atlanta.  Landau defended herself by explaining she “included several political scientists saying these conclusions are not valid.”

Debbie Walsh, Director of the Center for American Women and Politics, said “I think people were so offended because you’re reducing women to their hormones and the idea they can’t be in high level office because of those hormones.” She also said CNN used “poor judgment” in running the story.

Neither Landau nor Walsh would comment on, at which stage of their menstrual cycle were they when they made these statements?