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Eve Blew It

Friday, October 19th, 2012

Satiric logo of the Catholic Youth Council

Garden of Eden Eve had a serious apple addiction – or she demonstrated a common human trait: tell me I can’t do something and that’s the thing I want to do. Give a kid three, plain boxes and say he can open two – but not the third. Guess which box he immediately wants to open?

Some say this is the basic desire for knowledge. Maybe – but we know innate human drives are always difficult to control and almost impossible to eliminate.  We’ve tried it with sexuality and it’s failed miserably. My belief on America sexuality is well known: “we teach our kids sex is dirty and disgusting and they should save it for someone they love.”

Sexual repression (which has been called “a malady disguised as a remedy,”) has heavy consequences.  Have you ever wondered why our culture leads the Western world in the number of unwanted pregnancies?  Or why sex education and birth control have been kept out of schools for the better part of a century?  I blame ancient religious beliefs which continue to hang over our heads like a foul odor.

To me, this unnatural oppression of all things sexual has resulted in any number of perversions. Examples include alter boy scandals in the Catholic church and troop leader sex crimes in the Boy Scouts.

Sweden and other Scandinavian countries have a more natural acceptance of human sexuality. Their rates of sex crimes, STD’s, and unwanted pregnancies are much lower than ours. They also have fewer religious zealots who believe anything sex-positive is negative.