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The Joke About Obama Ending The War

Friday, October 12th, 2012

2008 fake NY Times headline by anti-war protestors.

VP Joe Biden told a few laugh-out-loud, knee slappers in the debate last night. He’s a funny guy. The best one was “Obama ended the War in Iraq.” Of course the real punch line is “Nobody ended it” (we still have over 50,000 “contractors” there protecting our interests) or “Bush ended it.”

Bush?  In 2008, George W. signed an agreement with the Iraqi government saying all US combat troops would be out of their country by the end of 2011.  Bush thought … oh, who the hell knows what Bush thought? .., anyway, we were to be out by 2012.

By the summer of 2011, Obama and Secretary of Defense Penetta were dropping broad hints that the Iraqis should let us stay in their country beyond the Bush agreement with 50,000 troops.  Uh-uh, said Iraq.  Well then, 30,000? Nope. 10,000?  “Bye, bye US,” the Mullahs said.  As the troops were forced to leave, we sent more “contractors” to the country and that’s where it stands.

Obama wanted to EXTEND the war in Iraq – not end it!  We were pretty much told, “We don’t care where you go – you just can’t stay here. But say, thanks for the hundreds of billions of dollars you spent on us – and the 4,500 dead soldiers.”