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Damn Straight Parents Keep Having Gay Kids

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

I guess scarves have replaced white hoods.

Today is ‘National Coming-Out Day’ – so what’s the big deal? Most of us who travel in everyday circles have any number of gay friends and don’t think much about it.

Actually we needed a shot of horrid hate before gays just blended into the dull mediocrity of American life.  And we got it! From our old pig-fucking friends at the Westboro Baptist Church. They’re the ones who picket Veterans’ funerals because the military is beginning to respect gay rights.

Recently one of their spokesassholes said “homosexuals should be put to death.” Say what? He went on, “Military funerals have become pagan orgies of idolatrous blasphemy.” Yikes! Who knew?

Regular Christians say this goofball doesn’t represent them nor does Turd pastor, Koran-burning Terry Jones. They miss the point. These assholes DO represent a very small minority of Christians which could number millions in this country. Their Old Testament horseshit is still hard to take seriously.

Hey guys – we NEED gay people! Who’s going to show us the latest fashions or new recipes for pasta primavera? And – not for nothing – some of your kids waving those signs seem to have noticeably limp wrists. Better get used to it.