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Shooting Kids For Allah

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

What kind of animals shoot young schoolgirls on their school bus? Taliban Leader Ehsanullah Ehsan told the BBC they were attacked  because they were anti-Taliban and secular, adding that they would not be spared. This is a tragedy for three reasons:

1. Certainly it’s a tragedy for the girls families and their friends.

2. It will serve as a vivid example for Americans who hate and fear Muslims. Even though every leader in Pakistan and virtually every Muslim in the world denounces this vicious attack, Muslims will still be pointed to as beneath us. And,

3. It underscores the dramatic failure of the US’s war policies in the Mideast. After 11-years, $1-Trillion dollars in military spending, and over 2000+ troops dead (plus another 4500+ in Iraq), we still cannot keep these subhuman, religious fanatics in their cages on these sand piles of shit.

Time to come home America – 10-years too late.

War Whores: You’ll Love This One

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

Yesterday Mitt Romney accused President Obama of “failing to assert American leadership in the world’s most volatile regions. “

America LEADS the Mideast?  Holy horseshit, Batman!  That sounds like our 1950’s pig-policy when the US appointed rulers, set up governments, and murdered rebels who wanted to keep their own cultures. We said we did this for their freedom but we really did it to guzzle cheap oil and drown the towel-heads in CocaCola and McDonalds hamburgers.  We also sent preachers with shiploads of Bibles to convert the Muslim heathens and US troops to stop the commie bastards.

And now the ingrates hate us. Go figure.

Now Romney has a new idea: MORE OF THE SAME! More wars, more troops, more threats to Iran and arms to  Syria and Libya.  More aid to Egyptian Muslims who hate us less than most Egyptian Muslims. And a lot more military money all around – great!

Think of it: we could buy about 10 more tanks by just cutting out Big Bird and PBS!