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Romney: Good But No Knockout Punch

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

First off, you should know I’m as objective as anyone can be in this election – I won’t vote for either of these jokers. Second, I’m a corporate speechwriter and speaking coach.  Executives have actually paid me to give presentation critiques and advice for over 30-years.  That said,

Romney won the debate decisively.  The millions of people who watched were impressed with his eloquence, confidence, and the fact he was actually enjoying himself in the exchanges.  Obama looked like he was standing in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles; tired, bored, sometimes irritated, and trying to find the right instructions on the sheets in front of him.

Romney needed one, simple and clear message people could talk about at work today.  He didn’t have it.

For a knockout punch, Romney SHOULD have said:

“Mr. President, respectfully, you’ve tried new and different policies to address America’s problems these last four years. That’s to your credit – you’ve made some good attempts.

But today, this country is nowhere near where we should be.  We’re nowhere near the place you’d said we’d be four years ago.  Simply, it’s time for new ideas and a change in  direction.

This positive change – including all of my supporting points and data, can be found at

I will run for President for only 1-term.  For the next four years I will NOT be influenced by partisan politics, continuous fundraising, nor political cronies.  I will ONLY work for the American people.”

If Romney said this, Michelle would start packing today.