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Butt What’s The Chaser?

Saturday, September 29th, 2012

Have you ever had an alcohol enema? I never even HEARD of an alcohol enema until yesterday when I read about a University of Tennessee fraternity which employed the practice – also called “butt chugging’ – as a drinking ritual.

It’s seems the boys insert “rubber tubing into their rectums as a conduit for alcohol greatly heightening its level and speed entering the bloodstream bypassing the liver.” They do this to each other.  Hmmmm.

Police were called when one of the guys was dumped at a hospital with a blood alcohol level over 0.4 percent, five times the legal limit for driving, and pretty close to “Game Over Player 1.”  The 20-year student was “extremely intoxicated and showed signs of physical and possible sexual assault,” the police report says. When they entered the fraternity, police found large amounts of alcohol, tubes, funnels – and frat guys passed out all over the place. Shocked University officials immediately closed the fraternity for an investigation.

I can’t imagine Tennessee is the only college in the country which plays anal drinking games. If I was a parent checking out schools for my kid, I’d make a special stop at the bookstore. If the shelves were stocked with huge collections of plastic tubes and funnels, I’d probably skip to the next college on the list.