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A 14-Year Old Mother Kills Her Baby

Friday, September 28th, 2012

A young girl in Florida murdered her full-term, 9-pound baby last week because “she didn’t want to change the relationship with her mother.” She’s now charged with first-degree murder for allegedly choking her newborn baby to death.

How did the situation get this horrible?  I will guarantee there are religious people out there who still believe that sex education in school, easily-accessible birth control, and Plan B without parental permission are worse alternatives than this tragedy. Admittedly it’s an extreme example – just like the cut up babies they show in anti-abortion posters.  But the reality is this unwanted baby was murdered – and that could have been avoided if it was not conceived in the first place.

How smug some people are – morally righteous, religiously superior, and philosophically living in a “what-SHOULD-BE” fantasy land. “She should have waited until she was married,” – “She should have put the baby up for adoption,” “She should have been counseled by her minister or priest,” “This morally degenerative society should become less sex-oriented.”

Interesting intellectual thoughts – but the reality is a baby is dead.  Not a zygote; not a group of microscopic cells but an unplanned, unloved baby.  Every child deserves so much more than what “should be.”

Jimmy Hoffa: Please Call Your Office

Friday, September 28th, 2012

Does this look like Giants Stadium?

Detroit police are going to take soil samples from a Michigan driveway because they’re  still trying to find the body of Jimmy Hoffa.  Hoffa is the former Teamster Union president who was murdered on July 30, 1975. I have no idea why the police keep searching.  They’ve already dug up a Michigan farm and a construction site many miles from from the restaurant parking lot where Hoffa was last seen.

The FBI doesn’t seem interested because they believe the account of Frank ”the Irishman” Sheeran, one of Hoffa’s friends and top aides.  As Sheeran explains in his book, I Heard You Paint Houses*, the Irishman had to accept the “hit” contract because Hoffa was  threatening to expose Teamster-Mafia ties to take back the union. Also, he only trusted a very few people and would never get into a car with a stranger. The Irishman said it was a “hit or be hit” business suggestion.

Hoffa was shot twice behind the right ear by his “good friend” in a vacant house where he expected to have a “sit down” with a top Mafia leader. His body was rolled up in the carpet on which he was shot, driven a short distance to a mob-connected mortuary, and cremated within minutes of his murder.

The rumors that Hoffa is buried in Giants Stadium or in a freeway are pretty funny. Well orchestrated, professional hits don’t include instructions on how to drive long distances with a body in your trunk – especially if the body is Jimmy Hoffa.

* “Painting houses” is mob slang for shooting someone in the head.  When that occurs,  blood splatters the walls of the room in which the victim is shot.