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“Mideast Attacks Were Spontaneous”

Monday, September 17th, 2012

Remember Pinocchio, the puppet whose nose grew with each lie he told? It’s a good thing that same rule doesn’t apply to White House spokespeople.  If it did, their noses would now look like John Belushi’s nose around a pile of cocaine.

The party line goes like this: the unplanned attack on our Libyan embassy and other Mideast demonstrations were the result of some ridiculous movie and later joined by Muslim extremists. Right.  Before you believe that goatshit, please consider these facts:

• the first uprising occurred on September 11th, the anniversary of 911. So out of 365-days of the year, Muslim fanatics happened to coincidentally choose this day?  C’mon!

• the movie had been online for months. Why had no Muslim been offended by the images before? Most demonstrators had never even seen this disgusting film.

• the typical Muslim lunatic demonstration does not include grenade launchers nor other high tech weapons. They usually only bring along a few US flags, lighter fluid, and some matches.

• a few days before the attack, our drones killed al-Queda’s second-in-command, Muhammed something or other. Al-Queda vowed revenge.

The Obama administration would now like to take us to the movies rather than explain our continuing policy of disaster in the Mideast. How do we get out of the region?  Boats and planes – as quickly as we can.