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CRASH! Goes GoDaddy

Monday, September 10th, 2012

GoDaddy is the “host” for this “blog” to my “server,” Times-Warner. GoDaddy “hosts” millions of “blogs” for an annual fee and protects their “domain names.” Mine is (you know it as “Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion”) and it gives me a little space on the “internet” – something like that – I really don’t know.

Anyway, anonymous hackers “crashed” GoDaddy today for reasons … again, I don’t know … you can read about it here:

Hundreds of my readers “clicked in” today only to find my blog didn’t exist.  If you’re now reading this, you know I’m again “online.” Thanks for checking back.  I’ll never just “go away” without telling you – promise – unless I’m arrested – or “dead.”

Frank Paolo.

( is my e-mail address. It is not a direct “link” because I don’t quite know how to make it one without a new “category.”  You have to copy and paste it into … well, the “to” box in whatever you use to send “e-mails.” What I don’t know about this whole thing would amaze you.)

I’ve Never Won An Argument

Monday, September 10th, 2012

You haven’t either. Arguments are fun sometimes – a little intellectual fencing.  But for another person to be quiet, really understand your ideas, and then say “hey, you’re right,” never happens.

I’m getting further and further away from caring about political arguments. You rarely hear me rant about “the wars” anymore. There were Americans killed in both Iraq and Afghanistan last week – oh well.  My disinterested point of view gives me a different perspective these days. I now know the vast majority of people have no idea what they’re talking about – even if they’re in the media. And if they do, they’re probably lying anyway.

When I hear Obama people square off against Romney people, it’s both funny and sad.  Funny because they naively believe they can change the other person’s mind and sad because they think it really matters if they do.