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Democrats Favor More Jobs!

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

YAAY! What an idea.  Are these guys smart or what? Uh … well, the Republicans favored more jobs last week. Here’s the difference: Republicans are running on “lies TO BE fulfilled.” Democrats are stuck with”lies ALREADY fulfilled.”

In 2009, Obama said if his stimulus package was passed, unemployment would not rise above 8% – and by 2012 it would fall below 6% (“Of course I’ll respect you in the morning!”)

Today, 12.8 million Americans are unemployed, 8.2 million cannot find enough work, and 1.1 million have given up looking altogether. Unemployment still remains way above 8%.

Romney says he’ll create jobs with an economic climate “better for business” and he’ll keep corporate tax cuts in place.  (“The check is in the mail.”)

Of course, if these tax cuts “worked,” wouldn’t companies have already created more jobs in the last 5 or 6 years? And if there was an easy solution to unemployment, wouldn’t we have tried it by now?

The sad fact is neither of these nitwits – no matter what they promise you – can create jobs out of thin air because we’re in a WORLDWIDE economic recession. This country can never compete globally in manufacturing unless our people worked for coolie wages and no benefits. And dividing up huge executive salaries won’t even buy the average American family dessert for a week.

Just One More Reason We Love Them

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

And they’ve got a lot of friends.

“If I Was Raped . . .”

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Former “Saturday Night Live” star Victoria Jackson is now a Born Again Christian and Conservative activist. She “played” an air-headed, annoying-voiced comedienne and we now learn she may have gone to the ‘Senator Todd Aiken School of Biology.’

Last week after Aiken’s surprising announcement that women could “just shut down their bodies against pregnancy in the case of rape,” Jackson had something to add.

“How many times do people get pregnant from rape? It’s point zero zero one percent. It’s a joke. I read lots of articles. I know people.  If I was raped, I would have the baby because it “would be a blessing.” She later noted, “the baby has its own DNA – not the father’s DNA.”

I sent an e-mail to Romney Headquarters asking if Mitt were elected, would he consider appointing Jackson head of his Department of Health and Human Services?

I haven’t heard back yet.