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White Kids Can’t Run

Saturday, August 4th, 2012

Every running sports event – from the New York City Marathon to the Olympics – seems to be dominated by African athletes – specifically from Kenya and Nigeria.


Body type. Long, thin bodies are the norm in these countries.  Being taller results in longer strides.  If you are thinner, you carry less weight around the track.

They’ve been running all their lives. If you take away school buses and cars, you learn how to walk -and run – early in life.  Walking and running to school is much more accepted in these countries.

Running for fun. Many African kids don’t have computer games and televisions.  They are much more likely to play outdoor games which include running.   Also they race each other more – just for fun.

Altitude. Training in high altitudes, like Nigeria and Kenya,  seems to contribute to lung capacity and endurance.

• Desire. Attitude is impossible to measure but it seems African runners often care more about winning.  In their countries, champions are national heroes – our winners get on cereal boxes.  Can you name 2-NFL players?  Now name 2 American runners. Next case.

Yah, well … take some African babies and move them to America.  Give them X-Boxes, cable television, and computer games.  Chauffeur them everywhere and take them to McDonalds a few times a week.  In 20-years we’ll see what the little suckers can do on the track.