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Gun Laws Just Don’t Work

Saturday, July 21st, 2012

Tomorrow is the 1-year anniversary of the mass murder of 70 teenagers in Norway. Anders Breivik has now been declared insane by a court and lives in a mental institution.  Last year Breivik, a Christian, anti-Muslim fanatic, set off a bomb killing 8 kids. Then he dressed as a policeman and went to a summer camp for teens.  Breivik killed a few, changed his location, and mowed down 60-more when they ran towards the “police” for help.

Should Norway adopt stricter gun laws?  The problem is, they now have the strictest gun laws in the Western world.  Check them out on the link below – they are extreme! But this monster was able to easily ignore the laws, buy assault weapons, and the legal ingredients for a murderous bomb.

As rational human beings, we want to find answers and solutions.  We have a very hard time accepting the fact that some horrendous events occur over which we have no control.  Passing gun laws will make some people feel better.  But to mass murderers, they won’t matter in the least.