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Control Nuts Not Guns

Friday, July 20th, 2012

The bodies hadn’t even been picked up today before the anti-gun people started yelling about the need for stricter gun controls. Horseshit.  Please allow me to state a few simple points:

1. Pandora’s box has already been opened.  Currently there are over a billion guns in the US – about 3 for every person.  Is anyone suggesting we confiscate firearms that are now legally owned by millions of citizens?

2. Criminals and nuts AREN’T going to register guns.  They can buy them now on the street with no papers – what’s going to change with more laws?

3. The right to own a gun is still in the Constitution.  Our forefathers probably couldn’t imagine a tragedy like this but they could imagine oppressive government power trying to control people.

4. The media needs to fill a lot of time with sensationalism even when there’s little to say.  On the Today show, one kid was interviewed in the first hour, then they came back to check how he felt ONE HOUR LATER.  Give me a break!

5.  In a society of 350,000,000+ people, there are a lot of nuts.  Already many movie theaters are beefing up security in anticipation of copycat crazies.

There are no easy answers in today’s drama because there are no real answers we can understand.  If the mentally ill made any sense, they wouldn’t be mentally ill.