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Don’t Trip Over Piles Of Shit

Saturday, July 14th, 2012


A collection of past campaign promises.

I won’t be voting for President because I don’t believe anything these guys are saying. I will be voting in local elections but have no favorite professors at all in the electoral college.  What’s that you say – I should just hold my nose and pick the lesser of two evils?

Naaah – I’m ALREADY  holding my nose because it’s almost impossible to ignore the daily hands full of horseshit each side is throwing at the other.  It’s also pretty entertaining to watch the passion some people have about all this.  Suddenly the country’s very existence is based on their guy winning the election.  I don’t think so.

Who’s lying more  – Obama or Romney?  It’s pretty much a dead heat and both are spinning so much they may start drilling for oil with their shoes.  Think your guy lies less?  Here’s a page you should bookmark:

This is perhaps the most nonpartial, fact-based organization on the internet.  It checks candidates’ statements against the truth and the truth usually says, “ouch.” That’s because both of these dolts are equally full of shit.