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Future Prison Residents

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

It was hot. I had to take a different bus and it headed through the “hood.”  There were few empty seats so I sat in the back with some Junior High yo’s who were acting up. I turned around and glared.  They actually quieted down a bit but then I saw an older Black professional woman who appeared embarrassed.  Head down, she looked at the floor.

Even though this bucket of bus trash had nothing to do with her, I think she felt they were somehow a reflection of Black people.  They weren’t – except in the minds of millions of people who can only think in stereotypes.

Eventually, the Black woman bus driver yelled and threatened to throw the nitwits off.  They shut up because they didn’t want to walk home in the heat.  Behaving was in their immediate best interests.

I hope they continually learn that every action has a consequence.  From being thrown off a city bus and having to walk in the heat – to lying dead in the street air-conditioned by bullet holes.