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Quick – Hide The Oxycotton!

Friday, June 29th, 2012

DAMN it was a bad week for Rush Limbaugh! First the New York State Same-Sex Marriage Act celebrated it’s first anniversary which got his panties in a twitter.  Hell, Rush of Flatulence is an expert on the subject – he’s been married FOUR times.

Next Oreo Cookies swished on an ad featuring the ‘Rainbow Oreo’ in support of Gay love and pride.  Bad enough that the man could no longer buy his conservative duds at JCPenneys.

Finally, the Supremes sang that ObamaCare is mostly Constitutional.  Which was good because after the decision, many right-wingers needed some immediate medical attention.

I think R-of-F should just take a vacation.  If he gets any crazier, he might stumble down his 12-steps and crash into some of those bleeding-heart nitwits from MSNBC.