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“Nah, Bullying Isn’t Worse Today”

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

I’ve heard a lot of criticism over the current Anti-Bulllying campaign that’s now going in our schools.

“Bullying makes kids stronger.”
“We went through it when we were kids.”
“Kids have to learn to be tough for real life.”

I think these opinions are full of shit.

Bullying took on a new dimension today when a local video went viral on the internet.  Greece, N.Y. Middle school kids verbally abused Karen Klein, an older woman who is a bus monitor.  She started crying – the taunts grew worse. Bullies always pick on weaker victims.

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I was always happy to defend my friends against aggressive assholes.  I remember the time I stood up for a young woman who was being sexually harassed by her boss.

I made an audio tape of the things he said to her on the phone – they were pretty disgusting.  The next night, I played the tape for his wife.  I also gave her my name and address in case they wished to press charges against me.  I never heard from them and the harassment stopped.

If kids can’t be taught that bullying is mean and uncivilized, they should know it can have severe, negative repercussions.

Shackle Shoes Shelved

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

Wow did Adidas have a dumb idea! They designed sneakers with shackles to invoke symbols of slavery and prison.  Even the coolest Black guys hated them.  When Adidas put its new product on Facebook, internet viewers were outraged.

“I’d rather not look like someone who just broke out of prison,” said one.

The company is now “withdrawing plans to make them available in the marketplace.”

Many people don’t know that droopy pants and no shoelaces are symbols of prison where belts and shoelaces aren’t allowed.  But even cool yo-s have their hood fashion limits.