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George, Meet Casey Anthony

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Many Conservatives think George Zimmerman will not get a fair trial in the Trayvon Martin case because of brainwashing by the left-wing, mainstream media.  I don’t even know how this case got political.

A jury of 12-people in Florida (the same state in which Anthony was charged) will consider the evidence regardless of what they’ve heard on the news.  Don’t think they can be fair?  Consider the Casey Anthony trial.

The media portrayed Anthony as a bi-sexual, drunken, drug-gulping, slut who killed her young daughter so she could live the “good life” and party.  You probably believe that too.  But the jury weighed the evidence, looked into the eyes of those who testified and said she’s “not guilty.” Next case.

Juries do make mistakes and the American system of justice is not perfect – but I’ll take its decisions any day over the opinions of a histrionic public.

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