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Cruel Irony

Friday, June 8th, 2012

Poppies have been used since the First World War to honor all Veterans who’ve served our country. Has anyone noticed how ironic this tradition is while our troops are still fighting and dying in the Afghan war?

Poppies are Afghanistan’s largest crop.  The beautiful flowers are converted into opium and heroin – much of which comes to the United States.  Many Afghan farmers are happy for the US involvement in their country because we often look the other way when it comes to their poppy fields.

Radical, Muslim extremists like al-Queda aren’t nearly as benign to the growers of drugs.  When they dominate an area, farmers quickly try to find another way to feed their families. Children of drug dealers under Islamic law often end up as orphans.

Should we stop a 100-year tradition that honors our Vets with poppies while they fight in this sandtrap?  I think I have a better idea – you know what it is.