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“Do I Put It In My Ear…Or…?”

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

Guys, if your lover asks for a ‘Sybian’ for her next birthday, try to get it right. Maybe she just wants a fancy-ass cellphone by Nokia – or maybe she wants “the world’s greatest adult toy.”  If she wants the sit down machine, your days are probably numbered.

The Sybian was invented in the 1980’s and “designed for a woman’s ultimate pleasure”.  At first the inventors were going to name it “The Master Better” – but thought better of it.  It comes with four attachments – two with different textures.  You can also buy a much longer attachment in black rubber. (Naw – I just made that up.)

It’s quite a machine.  The attachment ROTATES using over .34 horsepower and VIBRATES using .59.  Horsepower is a good word to use because the woman sits or kneels astride the device.  It’s power is determined by a remote control device held by the user or anyone to whom she hands it.

When the Sybian first appeared, it cost over $1-thousand dollars.  Today they’re all over the internet for a few hundred bucks each.  A used Sybian (attachments are washable) is sometimes advertised on Crag’s List and I’ll bet there are a few good stories (maybe pictures) behind each and every one.