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Dumb Hippie Pain Times 2

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Not my hips - better ones.

I did a very dumb thing two weekends ago. Getting out of bed, I awkwardly leaned over a chest and tried to close a stubborn window.  It was stuck so I pulled really hard and . . .
I actually heard it and felt it immediately – WOW did I feel it immediately!  I quickly caught my first case of snapping hip injury: “tearing tendon or ligament by an abrupt motion as it catches on the bony prominence.” Prescription: as much rest as possible for two weeks, heat and ice, wrap, heavy pain pills, and physical therapy exercises.

Because of the pain, for once I did exactly what the Doctor told me to do – for about 6 or 7 days. Although I couldn’t sit or lie down without pain, I could move around pretty well.  So of course I started lifting weights again – upper body only – dumb move #2 –


I was too embarrassed to call the Doctor again.  So now I’m back to his old instructions and enjoying the summer standing.  Stupidity does have a price.

(BTW, long time readers have noticed that I’ve put up a lot of  “recycled posts” lately.  That’s because it’s hard for me to sit and type right now.  I should be sitting on my ass again next week.)