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This Woman Was At A Party. . .

Friday, May 4th, 2012

. . . and no one was speaking to her. Although she was overdressed, I figured I should talk to her – but, of course, she had this gun.  I had a dilemma.

Word of The Day: Dilemma (de-LEM-a) noun. Two solutions to a problem – neither of which is completely acceptable.


Anti Anti-Bullying?

Friday, May 4th, 2012

Many people are against the national anti-bullying campaign – I think their ideas are full of shit.

Some believe, “That’s real life – they’ll get stronger dealing with it.”  I call that the Johnny Cash, “A Boy Named Sue” approach to raising children.  Cash sang about naming his son “Sue” so he’d have to fight all his life and grow up to be a tough guy.  The popular version of the song was recorded in Folsom Prison and the inmates cheered wildly! However, these guys might not be the role models we want kids to emulate.

I suspect there’s anti-anti-bullying because many of the bullied are gay – and heaven help us if we treat gay kids with the same amount of respect we give “normal” kids. Some people think this is just one more item on the “Queers Take Over The World” agenda of which they seem deathly afraid.

My Mom was very religious and taught all of us kids to “stand up for the weaker kids.”  Now God knows where she got such a silly idea but that’s how she brought us up and now I’m stuck with it.

My Mom wasn’t politically astute.  It’s probably just coincidental that her idea of treating all people with respect – even the weaker ones – might lead us to a more civilized society.

Word of The Day: Emulate (EM-you-late); verb. Trying to imitate a person whom you admire.