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The Nifty Fifties

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

I grew up in the 1950’s. Some say it was the best time in American history.  There was a huge, post WW2 surge in housing, cars, and employment. The US was the undisputed world power.  The average, family could easily survive on one income – the father’s.

Life in America was wonderful – in my memory.  But the more I read about the ‘50’s, the less wonderful it seems.

Conformity was the order of the day. Think of an ocean of gray suits, white shirts, and thin, black ties – going to work or dressing for church.  The only careers for the majority of women were in teaching and nursing.  Many Black people couldn’t vote almost a century after the Civil War.  TV was in black and white and there were no personal computers.

The nation was scared to death of communists, homosexual psychopaths, and polio.  The poor had little help from the government.  Many people got married to make their sex lives respectable and unwed Mothers often had to leave their communities.  The only common recreational drug was alcohol.

Come to think of it – if the ‘50’s were really that good, there’d be no reason to rebel in the ‘60’s.