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Vous CAN Have Fries With That!

Friday, April 20th, 2012

Mon Dieu!  France has a dirty little culinary secret: they eat more McDonalds hamburgers than anyone else after the United States. There are 1228 McDonalds (which they call “McDo’s”) in France which is generally recognized as the premiere cuisine capitol of the Western World.

This week, McDonalds France launched McBaguette – the French version of a double Big Mac.  The sandwich has two all-beef patties, lettuce leaves (not like the chopped-up shit we get here,) real Swiss cheese, and thick French mustard on an oven-cooked, crispy crust baguette.  The McBaguette costs 4.50 euros or about $6-US.

The French seem to love it!

It looks delicious! But of course they all do in advertising.  I should know – my first real job after school was working for a large ad agency which had the regional  McDonalds account.  I was actually Ronald McDonald’s manager – but I don’t brag about it often.

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I Have No Idea

Friday, April 20th, 2012