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Strangers In The Knight

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Pie-faced, Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik defended himself in court Tuesday for killing 77 people in shooting and bombing attacks. He said he did it to protect Norway from multiculturism and Muslims and he’d do it again.

Breivik also said he was a “Christian Crusader” and a member of the Knights Templar despite his lawyer saying there is “no such group.”

Of course there are such groups. What relationship they have to the original, 12th century Christian Knights is pretty murky – but people who call themselves KT’s are in Europe and America.  Many are white, militant, Christian nutcases.

Most people here would scoff at the idea that Breivik represents Christianity.  Yet they are quick to believe that terrorists somehow represent Muslims.

I do hope many Christian leaders will now come forth and condemn Breivik – just as we asked Muslim leaders to condemn those responsible for 911. Let’s not  drown in a sea of hypocrisy.

$654,400 Without Gas

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

The SSC Ultimate Aero is the 3rd most expensive street – legal car in the world. It has a top speed of 257 mph+ and can go from parked to 60-mph in less than 3 seconds.

The two top most expensive cars?  Never  mind – you probably can’t afford those.