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Uh, Oh. Lotsa Face Lost

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

(8:00 PM, EST) The LA Times has reported in the last hour that North Korea defiantly launched its rocket – and it broke up shortly after take off.  I was kind of hoping it would just go off course and destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities and then everybody would just shut-up.

Clown Sex is Disturbing

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

“When you have sex with a clown, you have sex with every clown that clown had sex with.”

That’s It?

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

I used to get real bored as a kid. Today they might call it ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder.)  In those days they called it, “Stay In That Seat Or I’ll Tie You To It With A Jump Rope!”  As a matter of fact, Miss Walsh actually DID tie a girl to her seat in the first grade!  That was in 1955.  For a stunt like that today, Miss Walsh would be in prison for the rest of her life.

Even “playtime” in school was like a prison to me.  We lined up in pairs to wait our turn to play on the teeter-totter.  The first time I got on, I went up and down a few times and thought, “This is it?  What’s the big deal here?”

My Mom said it really was about learning to take turns and behaving.  I just learned one more way to be bored and really didn’t need another lesson.

Marilyn Chambers Said It Best:

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

“You can stab a breast in an American film, but you can’t kiss one.”

April 22, 1952 – April 12, 2009

Why Are 10,000 US Troops in Israel?

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Tuesday in our local paper, I listed a number of countries where there are US troops and ended with “Isn’t it time to give ‘non-interventionism’ a chance?”

A reader sent an e-mail saying I forgot to mention Israel.

Israel?  I didn’t remember any US Troops going to Israel.  So I did some research and sure enough, since January of this year, the US has sent 10,000 combat troops to that country!  Some government official said it was a “very quiet” deployment. Oh really?

Why did President Peace Prize send 10,000 more troops to Israel?

1.  To help with an invasion of Iran?

2.  To use as body shields so Iran doesn’t attack Israel?

3.  To expose our troops to lox and bagels for cultural diversity?

I will vote for ANYONE except Obama in the election because he lied to us about peace in his first run.  What more is he lying about now to get reelected?