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Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful

Samantha Brick believes she’s too beautiful. The 41-year old British freelance writer started an internet firestorm by publishing an essay saying other women are mean to her because of the way she looks.

The women are just jealous says Brick.  She wrote strange men have given her bottles of champagne, train tickets, cab fare, drinks and flowers – and other women don’t like it one bit. The tall blond has never even been asked to be in a wedding party for fear she’ll take away too much attention from the bride.

Readers on the internet burst into a vitriolic rage! They called her everything from ‘ugly’ to ‘delusional.’  Most tore at her looks, more suggested she invest in a mirror, and a few even volunteered to rearrange her face.

Brick defiantly stated the hate directed at her just proves her point. “No one in this world is more reviled than a pretty woman,” she said.

My opinion?  She’s an attractive woman but certainly no head-turner.  I’m wondering if the whole thing isn’t a British April Fool’s joke. In the real world, if you say you’re the “greatest” – you’d better be Muhammed Ali.

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