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‘Little Man In A Boat’ Wouldn’t Fit On The Sled

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Hearst's Mistress, Marion Davis

According to Kenneth Anger’s book, Hollywood Babylon, “William Randolph Hearst served as the inspiration for Charles Foster Kane in Citizen Kane. Hearst’s mistress’ clitoris served as the inspiration for the mysterious “Rosebud,” printed on his burning, boyhood sled in the final scene.

Should’ve Turned Over a New Leaf

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf was arrested again yesterday, 3-days after he posted a $76,000 bond on similar charges that he burglarized a house and stole prescription drugs. In his home, police found 89 hydrocodone pills in his bathrobe.

Astute sports fans suspect he may have a drug problem.

Years ago, I had some wild friends.  One woman was arrested in her small town for shoplifting in a convenience store.  After being barred from the premises, local police released her with an appearance ticket.

It was a hot, Sunday afternoon and she ran out of beer. Of course she went right back to the store and said it was her “constitutional right” to go wherever she wanted and tried to buy more beer.  The police didn’t see it that way, arrested her for trespassing, and locked her up.

In the fall, another dancer friend was coming to see me from her home about 20-miles away.  Naturally she was running late so she started going 55 in a 30-mph zone.  She got a speeding ticket which she placed on her dashboard.

About 10-miles later, she was AGAIN stopped for speeding.  The trooper saw the first ticket and asked why  was she speeding?  Her reply: “The first cop made me late!”

Astute readers may suspect drugs and alcohol were involved in both incidents.