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I Volunteer To Shoot Somebody

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

The more I read about the Trayvon Martin shooting case, the less I think it has to do with race – and the more I think it has to do with an aggressive, untrained, not-so-bright cop-wannabe.

The shooter, George Zimmerman, 28, is a ‘neighborhood watch’ volunteer in Sanford, Florida.  His neighborhood had a number of burglaries lately and George was tired of it.  He was also tired of suspects getting away before the police arrived so he did something stupid about it.

Despite being told by the 911 dispatcher NOT to confront Trayvon Martin, George got out of his car and started running after him. We’ll have to wait for the state investigation to find out exactly what happened next.  We already know the tragic outcome: Trayvon Martin was shot dead.

I really don’t think the fact Martin was black had much to do with his death.  I think this fool Zimmerman would have shot anyone in the same circumstances.

The 911 tapes can be heard here: