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We’d Be Speaking German Today!

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Not Today's Army

I got into a little electronic discussion the other day with someone who grew up in WWII.  Although even HE knows our “mission” in Afghanistan is hopeless, he started calling me a few “peacenik-SOB-loser” names and said,

“If we paid attention to people like you in 1939, we’d all be speaking German today.”

Yikes! I don’t speak German and that probably would have limited my career choices.  Nor is what he implied even remotely correct in terms of what I think American foreign policy should be. AND – I’ve been insulted by people a lot smarter than this guy.

But I started thinking about his world just before WW2:

• no computers,
• no internet,
• no television,
• no international banking system,
• no cell phones, and
• no nuclear warheads.

That’s a world which no longer exists.  And still there are too many old farts whose minds were rigidly shaped during those times – and are now calling the war shots today.

Socrates was a very wise man.  But how smart would he appear if you handed him an i-pad?