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Consciously Not Caring

Monday, March 19th, 2012

Ross Perot Had A Great Laugh

I stopped watching the news about a week ago. It was right after one of our troops murdered 16-people, Karzai called us “demons,” and Obama babbled something about “staying the course.” America’s hopeless foreign policy?  Fuck it – I’d rather not care for awhile.

When things are this dark, I think of the times in my life that got me crazy-laughing.

Years ago, I met a lady who was magazine-beautiful and I immediately regressed to my teen years. OK, she turned me into an idiot.  After some dates, we passionately went to bed together.  And at the very moment they quaintly used to call “the two became one,” she softly whispered in my ear,

“Franco, remember I’m not on birth control.”

“Darling,” I whispered back, “remember I told you I had a vasectomy?”  She looked at me quizzically.

“Oh…’re the one?”

I couldn’t stop laughing after that.  You know how sometimes you try to hold laughter back but it just slips out?  I just couldn’t get it together!

I believe laughter is better than sex most times.  Which was good for me that night because I got a lot of the first and little of the second.