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War With Iran

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

What if Americans fought over radical religious differences for which we would be willing to kill each other? What is the ONE thing that would bring us together? An INVADER – someone which both sides hate equally. We’d immediately unite to defend our country against a common enemy.

That’s what’s happening today with Iran and America.

In Advice to War Presidents, former top US diplomat, Angelo Codevilla, is not against war – he’s against half-assed wars. He says it’s stupid to have more Vietnams, Iraqs, and Afghanistans. There should be no more grinding up our people and dollars for years only to make enemies forever. If we go to war, we must go all the way with the support of the American people.

That means bombing Iran into submission, invading them, and occupying them. Of course, China and Russia might have something to say about that but what the hell? If all the saber-rattlers (like that senile, old fart John McCain who wants us to bomb Syria) had any balls (or sense,) they would not advocate “polite, politically-correct” wars – but wars we could win by not tying the hands of our military.

If we go to war, we must go all the way. If we don’t, we should just defend America – which sounds like a much better idea than what we’ve been failing at for half a century.