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Passionately Religious In The Dark

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Afghans riot after Koran burnings.

What would American Christians do if Afghans burned a few stacks of Bibles in the garbage? Would ministers and priests condemn them from their pulpits?  Would there be a few strong Letters to the Editor?  Really, would anyone give a shit after a day or two? Let’s be honest.

Afghan Muslims are, for the most part, far more religious than Christians.  For many, Islam is a way of daily life – their dietary laws, education, politics, dress, and even whom they marry are all decided by religious beliefs.  They study the Koran by CANDLELIGHT since fewer than 10% of the country has electricity (are you listening America?) Some will even give their lives for Allah as shown by terrorist suicide bombers.

How many Christians would do that?  Hell, many “Christians” don’t even go to church and would renounce their faith on the threat of cutting up their credit cards.

That’s one major reason why America is losing in Afghanistan – and will lose completely when our troops are pulled out.  For 2500-years, many invaders have tried to take over this country which has never had a standing, cohesive army.  The Macedonians under Alexander tried to rule them – and failed.  So did the Mongols, the Huns, the British at their empire’s peak, and the Russian army.  All failed.  So are we.

Afghans fight with anything they have because it’s THEIR country.  Are you listening, America?