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Feeling Really Old

Friday, February 17th, 2012

I got on the bus the other day to see my friend Joseph for a haircut. While paying my fare, I saw a pretty, young (and pretty young) woman in one of the front seats.  I’d guess she was about 1/2 my age.

As I started walking down the aisle, I gave her one of my patented, “Gosh-you’re-pretty.-I-always-go-out-with-younger-women-but-I’m-harmless” smiles.

What did she do?


I felt like I was about to fall down and break a hip ……

Iran’s Scary Neighborhood

Friday, February 17th, 2012

Are you afraid of a nuclear threat from Iran? Don’t be a sucker in this hyped propaganda campaign.

IF Iran made a nuclear weapon, this would be its range according to experts in the Christian Science Monitor. Should the US be afraid?  Not really, according to the article (No, Rick Santorum, an Iranian missile cannot strike Missouri, as you lied last week.)

The real problem is Iran feels threatened – just look at its neighbors.  India, Pakistan, and Israel ALREADY have nukes (Israel probably has up to 200 – we don’t know for sure because they’ve never allowed UN inspectors to count them.) Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey on one side will pretty much do what the US wants them to do.  So would all of our forces in Afghanistan on its other side.  And we are still imposing sanctions and destroying their currency.

I’d feel threatened if I was Iran but don’t take my word for it.  Here’s a link to the Christian Science Monitor, one of the most respected news sources in the world.  They do a thorough, in-depth analysis of the situation with many experts.

You now have a choice: either learn about the situation yourself or be an easily-influenced dolt who can be whipped into a froth by smarmy politicians.

Now Playing: Your Life

Friday, February 17th, 2012

Just before you die, do you think your life will flash before your eyes? I heard that since I was a kid and I never wanted to find out right away.  Maybe that’s why I was hoping for a “LifeAfterDeath Library.”

If we do get a “flash,” I hope it will just be highlights.  Maybe 15% of life is great times – and 10% is really bad times.  I wouldn’t mind seeing any of those again.  It’s the other 75% I wouldn’t want to sit through.  Imagine hours of watching yourself brush your teeth, scooping kitty litter, and being in algebra class (yawn.)  And people who’ve been in comas will have a real dull go of it.

Speed would be a critical factor – maybe you’ll get a ‘fast-forward’ button – I’d like that.  Of course, if your whole life plays out in real time, guess how long that would take?  Right – another whole friggin’ lifetime.

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