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“International Community” is Horseshit

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

Remember when Hilly and Obama said the “International Community” wanted Ghadafi to step down as leader of Libya? O said “we gave him every chance” (to do what WE wanted) but he chose NATO air strikes instead.  They were just kidding about no military options.

Now they’re saying the “International Community” wants Iran to stop building its nuclear facilities and Syria to stop killing protesters.  Who exactly does this worldwide club include and how did these two get to be its spokespeople?

Well obviously Iran and Syria aren’t esteemed members.  And China and Russia just blocked a UN resolution condemning Syria so they’re not in.  Neither is the UN itself.  I never hear of South America, Scandinavia, most Asian countries and Japan, nor African countries shaking their fists at the two rogue nations.

It looks like just America and its “sometimes” European allies – the usual suspects – are the egocentric “International Community” about which we constantly hear.  Oh, and Canada. It sounds better to bullshit about the “whole world” being behind us when we meddle in sovereign nation’s affairs.