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Can’t Have a Child With a Hysterical Pregnancy

Friday, February 10th, 2012

People have a hard time accepting how much our minds control our bodies. That’s why the twitching girls from a few posts below can’t believe the cause of their very real symptoms is probably from their minds.  They’ve  been diagnosed with conversion disorder (mass hysteria) but they just can’t accept it.

Their doctors should tell them about hysterical pregnancies.

For whatever reason,  (a strong need, desire, wish, etc.) a woman decides she’s pregnant.  Her brain immediately shifts into “pregnancy mode.”  Her periods stop, her breasts begin to enlarge, she gets morning sickness – even her abdomen begins to expand! But she’s not pregnant – her mind just told her body she was.

Having your doubts about this phenomena?  Imagine picking up a slice of juicy lemon and sucking on it.  Research shows that about 3 out of 4 of you now have more saliva in your mouths.

In reality there’s no lemon-suck.  But your mouth is still ready for the rest of the vodka and soda.