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Ticked Off!

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

A group of young, teenage girls in a nearby town are demonstrating tics and other symptoms of Tourette Syndrome. Everyone from state health officials to the Environmental Protection Agency has tested their school and its soil and its air for every possible pollutant – but have found nothing.  More than one child has been yanked from school in a panic.

Psychologists have diagnosed the malady as “conversion disorder” – once called mass hysteria – and said the kids will get over it.  Parents, of course, are furious!  They can’t believe young Tiffany and Madison have anything in their pretty little heads besides boys and Justin Beiber.

Years ago I was told about an incident at a local junior high.  Six or seven girls were stumbling around school halls in a TRANCE.  They were at a sleep-over and played with a Ouija Board.  Somehow they fell into a “spell” and everyone’s attention was riveted on them.  I don’t know how it ended but something tells me today the kids are not confined to an asylum for the criminally insane.

Some things which brings on mass hysteria are stress, fear, and attention. I’m pretty sure if their parents would just calm down and quit trotting out the girls for the news media, their symptoms will eventually evaporate.