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No More Mr. Nice Guy

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Old Joke: 1945. After escaping Nazi Germany,  Adolph Hitler finally makes it to Venezuela. He immediately meets with Hermann Göring, Commander of the Luftwaffe.

“Fuehrer,” says Göring, “we’re all here!  We want to get together again and take over the world!”

“OK.” says Hitler, “But this time – no more Mr. Nice Guy.”

Everyone knew it would happen sooner or later.  Kindly, grandfatherly, old Newt Gingrich would explode at “something” just like he used to do as Speaker of the House.  Over the weekend he went ballistic on Mitt Romney.  Romney, the leading Republican Presidential contender, has lots of campaign money and a 19% lead in the Florida primary.  Gingrich is sliding in the polls and broke – and pissed.

In the latest debates, Gingrich appeared tired as he focused on Romney.

“I’m standing there thinking to myself, ‘You think you can lie your way to the presidency? There was no way in that kind of setting to demonstrate to people what a fundamentally dishonest man I was up against.”

“Liar” might be pretty hard to explain away when Romney becomes the Republican nominee.  But it probably doesn’t matter anyway – looks like it’s going to be Barrack “I’ll Bombya” as he drones on for another four years.